Zakynthos is the most southerly and third largest of the Ionian Islands, located south of Kefalonia and to the west of the Peloponnese. The larger part of Zakynthos is mountainous with the rest being low-lying fertile plains and has a rich evergreen vegetation all year round. The pretty beaches to the north, east and south are too numerous to be counted, whilst its imposing rocky coasts to the west have formed many sea caves, such as the wonderful Blue Caves in the northwest of the island.

The climate in Zakynthos is mild and Mediterranean with the summer being warm and pleasant and the winter mild. It almost never snows but it often rains, thus the island is green and fertile for cultivation. Most days are sunny, with the island of Zakynthos being one of the sunniest parts of Greece.

Zakynthos is an island with rich agricultural output, supported mainly by olive, citrus and grape cultivation. The main industry on the island is tourism, which started in the mid 1980’s and has expanded rapidly since then. Business activities are highly developed and cater to tourists from all over the world.

The island has an extensive historical tradition, having been a crossroads for different people and cultures for many centuries. It is also well-known for its cultural and musical background and has many famous people who were either born or lived on the island.

Zakynthos Town is the capital city and is situated in the eastern part of the island. Most of the old town was ruined on 9th August 1953, during a devastating earthquake which shocked the Ionian Islands and from which only a few buildings and churches survived. Upon the ruins, the new town was built, preserving the traditional architecture of the Ionian Islands. The layout of the town is generally the same as before the earthquake, but now with buildings which are built to withstand earthquakes.

Zakynthos has numerous places to visit, including its superb beaches famous for their unspoiled beauty and mirror-like emerald waters. The island, however, is not only characterised by its captivating coastline. Its interior is also thrilling with picturesque villages built on hillsides offering panoramic views of the island below.


  • The Greek hospitality prevails in Zakynthos and all visitors are made to feel very welcome. That is why so many people return year after year.
  • The views are outstanding throughout the island from rugged mountain terrain to serene beaches
  • Delicious local and international food are served throughout the island, but the small Greek Tavernas serving traditional Zakynthian food are the special places to find.
  • Glorious Beaches – from small discrete coves to beaches where the golden sand stretches as far as the eye can see
  • Crystal clear waters to swim in, offering an array of blue and green hues that are totally mesmerizing.
  • Relaxing pace of life – a place where you can chill out, relax and let life pass you by.
  • Amazing Mediterranean climate with warm summer sunshine often accompanied by a summer breeze.
  • Outdoor adventures – there are watersports and scuba diving available at a number of beaches around the island to offer some adventure to your holiday
  • Vibrant festivals and events celebrating the tradition and culture of the island through music, dance, food and entertainment, where visitors are welcome to join in with the locals
  • Stunning sunsets to finish off your day in the most spectacular way.

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