Total Airport Arrivals 2012-2017

Zakynthos is the fifth most popular island destination in Greece , with over half a million tourists visiting every year. Fidelity Travel is the leading agency on the island and one of the market leaders of the market in the Ionian Islands and Western Greece. The main indicator of an island's popularity is the airport arrivals every year. On the chart below you can see the visitors to the island through the airport as a percentage of a million.


Total Arrivals 2012-2017

Fidelity Travel is the leading Tourist Agency in Zakynthos with a very strong presence in Kefalonia and Western Greece . It cooperates with more than 60 Tourist agencies and operators from England , Northern and Central Europe. Over the  years  Fidelity Travel has consistently dominated the market by handling a significant amount  of the incoming tourists .


U.K Total Arrivals 2012-2017

In 2016 ,  350.000  tourists arrived at Zakynthos Airport from the UK . Fidelity Travel confirming its leading position in the  Tourism Industry , handled close to 50% of the total arrivals.