Business Activities

Transfer Services

Fidelity Travel offers transport services from and to the airport (and the port) for all its customers with new air-conditioned coaches.  Furthermore, it can provide these services to the rest of mainland Greece. Fidelity Travel is also able to provide VIP transport services as required utilizing helicopters, speed boats and small jets.  

Contract Consultancy / Agency Representation

Fidelity Travel has over 35 years’ experience in contract consultancy in Tourism and its relative industries. In particular, there are dozens of Tour Operators from at least 20 countries within Europe who cooperate with Fidelity Travel in their representation in Zakynthos and Western Greece.

Groups ,Incentives and Conferences .

We can provide conference facilities for big groups and organization of events. 

We can meet the specific requirements of your group .

Technological Advancement

Fidelity Travel provides to its partners, new and modern offices that cover every technological need, at its building next to Zakynthos airport.

Airport Services & Assistance

Fidelity Travel with its professional staff provides airport services and assistance 24/7 for every arrival and departure at Zakynthos airport.

Hotel, Villa & Apartments Reservations

Fidelity Travel cooperates with a majority of the properties in Zakynthos, being able to meet every need of its customers and partners in terms of luxury, price and room numbers.

Events and Weddings

Fidelity Travel has decades of experience in organizing and hosting every major events  and weddings. For the weddings in particular it has a separate business sector ,  fully dedicated to organizing these special events. 

Cruises, Yachting & Car Hire

Fidelity travel can meet its customer's every need by providing yachting packages, excursions for guests on cruise ships to the island and car hire, from economy cars to  luxury cars,  depending on customers’ financial wants and  needs.

Tours & Excursions

Fidelity Travel has a whole department fully dedicated providing  tours and Excursions for all its customers. These are offered from all main resorts and give options of sightseeing in Zakynthos by coach or boat. All vehicles used have the latest technology, meeting all safety regulations. Furthermore it provides tours and excursion options for Cephalonia, Western Greece and Athens.

Religious Excursions

Fidelity Travel organises religious trips in Zakynthos , and Western Greece with VIP buses and professional guides. Through these tours you 'll be able to learn more about the Orthodox Church and the unique religious culture of Zakynthos. Learn more at Religious Guide of Zakynthos